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Shutdown - 90's Inspired Liger Fullsuit

Shutdown - 90's Inspired Liger Fullsuit

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Up for your consideration is a (Gently Used) OOAK Liger Fullsuit made by SPS. This foam head is fitted with elastic straps to fit a variety of sizes. Fully lined, super breathable and ready to go! It features standard vision through the eyes and has posable jaw. Holo Vinyl Pawpads and claws. Fullsuit is adorned with tinsel fur accents. All the markings on this suit are hand sewn. Tail is attached. Paws are medium / small fit and are padded. Digi grade pillows and chest padding. Pillows removeable for washing. Size 9/10 in mens shoe - but shoes ARE removable / changeable with these hollow carved feet (lined). Made for someone 5'6"ish and 160lbs could possible go a bit shorter / taller.

Head Size - 23ish inches
Hand Paw Size - Sm/Med
Foot Paw Size - 10 Mens (removable shoe)
Bodysuit - Padded so lots of wiggle room in legs / chest - but made for someone 5'6" 160 lbs, 30" Leg inseam, 38" hips, 36" Bust, 28" Waist, Arm inseam ??.

Comes with Dixie Cup Inspired Sneakers (Made by SPS), Custom 90's Visor + Ref Sheet + Character Rights.

Fursuit is gently used. I made him the end of 2019 but haven't worn him more than two or three times. This suit is in like new condition. Will send along extra vinyl in the event claws ever need replacement. Nothing wrong with him, just don't use him enough! :)

Please message me to inquire about this suit / payment options as I am still drafting this listing.

NO RETURNS. 30% of payment is NON-REFUNDABLE in the case of payment plans. Can do up to a 6 month payment plan (multiple listings).
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