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NEW - PREMADE - MISCAST Costume / Fursuit Eyes - 1" - 2" - Acrylic 3-D Follow Me Affect Eyes

NEW - PREMADE - MISCAST Costume / Fursuit Eyes - 1" - 2" - Acrylic 3-D Follow Me Affect Eyes

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Miscast Eyes
This listing is for the pair of eyes of your choice out of these miscasts! These items are MISCASTS / IMPERFECT. If you want perfect eyes please check out my custom orders. :) I also have some premade eyes for sale. Prices are based around the level of damage the pair of eyes has. Each pair of eyes has its own flaws, by purchasing this listing you are acknowledging these eyes have imperfections. All eyes are sold AS IS. I do my best to describe the issues with each pair but I can miss things.

(Prices are based on how bad the flaws are. Some flaws are NEAR invisible, others are more visible)

Row 1:
A - 1.5" Tiny, tiny air bubbles
B - 1.5" Small air bubble in one
C - 1.5" Small air bubbles in one, larger air bubbles in the other
D - 1.5" Iffy Centering in one, small air bubble in other
E - 1.5" Iffy Centering
F - 1.5" Iffy Centering
G - 1.5" Small air bubble in one

Row 2 -
H - 1.5" Iffy Centering
I - 1.5" Iffy Centering
J - 1.5" Iffy Centering and air bubble in one
K - 1.5" Iffy Centering and black line
L - 1.5" Iffy Centering
M - 1.5" Small air bubble in one
N - 1.5" TINY air bubble

Row 3-
O - 1.5" - White Edges
P - 1.5" Iffy Centering
Q - 1.5" Tiny air bubble in one
R - 1.5" Tiny Tiny air bubble in one
S - 1.5" Tiny air bubble in one
T - 1.25" Iffy Centering + Scratch on edge of one
U - 1.25" Iffy Centering

Row 4 -
V - 1.25" Iffy Centering
W - 1.25" Iffy Centering
X - 1.25" Tiny air bubble in one
Y - 1" Iffy Centering
Z - 1" Iffy Centering
A1 - 2" TINY TINY air Bubbles in one
B2 - 2" Iffy centering but even with one another
C3 - 2" Tiny dust speck in one

If you have any confusion about which set to order just message me. I know the listing is a little confusing due to character limits.

Acrylic as a material CANNOT come in contact with rubbing alcohol, alcohol, acetone, super glue, nail polish and other abrasive chemicals. Please research and test a adhesive or material before using it on your eyes. I will not take returns on eyes that are cracked, foggy or otherwise damaged due to being exposed to chemicals.

IF you need to polish your acrylic eyes I highly recommend the Novus Acrylic polishing kit it works great just take it slow. :)
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