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Fursuit Eye Mesh - NO TRACKING - Waterproof Durable Canvas - 8.5x11

Fursuit Eye Mesh - NO TRACKING - Waterproof Durable Canvas - 8.5x11

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Mesh is by default shipped as an UNTRACKED letter / flat. They can take anywhere from a week to two weeks to arrive. If you need faster shipping and tracking PLEASE buy upgraded shipping in my shop. As always, ETAs are listed in your purchase history. If for any reason your mesh does not arrive please reach out before leaving a review.

Samples have been continually abused, I am no longer flexible on this policy. One of each sample per person, per order - NO exceptions. If you order multiple sample pieces I will only ship 1, period. Sample pieces are sent as a courtesy so you can see if the material will work for your project.

This listing is for UNPAINTED costume mesh. The image is only to show what the mesh looks like when painted!!!

This eye mesh is durable, waterproof, and has fantastic vision! Paint sticks super well to it and doesn't crack or chip! I put a coat of spray varnish on to be extra safe, but it is not NEEDED. White mesh yields brighter paint jobs but the back DOES need to be painted to improve the overall vision!

It has a great advantage over buckram, vision wise it is far superior and very easy to paint! Buckram can also distort when exposed to moisture!

For best results, use a sponge or scrap of porous upholstery foam (such as green joanns foam) to dab thin layers of paint onto the mesh. You can also use a STIFF haired paint brush, with the bulk of the paint rubbed off. Standard acrylic paint works well! Finish with a thin layer or two of a spray sealer to waterproof the paint!

If you get some paint in the holes no worries! Poke them out with a pin and you are good to go! :)

Comes in two sizes 4"x6" and 8.5"X11" (If you need a LARGER size contact me!) , You can use it for tear duct mesh (1 or 2 4x6) , pupils/irises, or your entire eyes (8.5x11 recommended) ! You can also order a sample of either if you want to see what the material is like! :)

If you have any questions message me! :)
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