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Costume / Fursuit Eyes - Custom - .75" - 2" - Acrylic 3-D Follow Me Affect Eyes

Costume / Fursuit Eyes - Custom - .75" - 2" - Acrylic 3-D Follow Me Affect Eyes

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(Processing Times are posted in the Shipping Description. If you need an item expedited please contact me before purchase! I do NOT do refund on custom orders!)

This listing is for ONE PAIR of Realistic Eyes in .75", 1", 1.25", 1.5'', Or 2". These are follow-me acrylic (or glass) eyes in the color of your choice. These eyes fit perfectly in the DIY realistic resin mask bases in my shop as well! If you are in need of custom eyes please check out my custom eye listings. :)

The suits in the pictures are shown using eyes I have made, the suits are NOT for sale.


Vision THROUGH the eyes is NOT possible. Due to the dome shape everything will be 'fish - eyed'. Vision must be made in an alternate port. Drilling into the eyes is not recommended as it will make for a sloppy looking product. I will not accept returns for eyes due to this statement not being read.

The edges around the eyes do need to have eyelids added (epoxy / fleece / felt etc.) to complete the illusion of then being 'following' eyes. Otherwise you will have a lesser following effect and a raw edge! They are not a finished product in themselves, they are meant for installation into a project.

Acrylic as a material CANNOT come in contact with rubbing alcohol, alcohol, acetone, super glue, nail polish and other abrasive chemicals. Please research and test a adhesive or material before using it on your eyes. I will not take returns on eyes that are cracked, foggy or otherwise damaged due to being exposed to harsh chemicals.

If you need to polish your acrylic eyes I highly recommend the Novus Acrylic polishing kit it works great just take it slow. :)
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