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Coconut Fursuit Spray 8oz - CocoChirp Fragrance and Essential Costume Cleaner

Coconut Fursuit Spray 8oz - CocoChirp Fragrance and Essential Costume Cleaner

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IMPORTANT NOTE : These sprays contain rubbing alcohol. They will smell like alcohol at first but once dried the fragrance stands out. Simply spray and wait a few minutes and you'll be ready to go!

Standard fursuit sprays are 8 Fluid Ounces and have a fine mist sprayer, they are also availble in 2 ounce sample sizes. They also come with a lid for SUPER safe travel when needed. These cleaning sprays are suitable for use on ANY fursuit. Do NOT use them on fursuit eyes or airbrushing as depending on the maker it CAN damage them! Otherwise these sprays are LOVELY for cleaning, scenting, and even removing light stains! They are sure to keep your suit smelling clean and fresh for your favorite outings!

I would also like to mention that ALL ingredients in our sprays are BODY SAFE and the bottles are reusable and recycleable. I care about your safety, as well as our enviorment and I do my best to create these sprays in the least impactful wasy possible.

I can only ship fursuit spray within the US only, sorry!

All Artwork on the bottles is made by myself and the characters belong to their respective owners.

Why do they cost so much?! :
Fursuit Sprays MUST be shipped via USPS Parcel Select Ground within the US only ($8-$12) ! This is a REQUIRED regulation and I am UNABLE to change it. Unfortunately this has led to a price increase as Etsy prioritizes listings with free shipping.

I apologize for the combined cost of shipping and the product, but it is out of my control. Thank you for your understanding! If you have any questions about shipping please message me. :)
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